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Welcome to EarthStone Fire and Ice - Crystals

Minimum internet order is $100 (AUD)

Since this website is strictly Wholesale, we only sell our products at Wholesale prices, to Retailers that wish to sell them to the general public.

We wholesale our products all over Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and to remote areas as well.  We offer a money back guarantee, if you are not happy send it back.

For this reason you will find that we do not advertise our wholesale prices on this web site. Retailers are invited to contact us, giving us information about their business status, and we will give them an account to logon and purchase.


Unit 5 / 93 Hector Street


Perth Western Australia

Tel: 08 92444056

Stones we stock Include :

Amethyst , Quartz , Rose Quartz ,Rainforest Jasper , Agate , Moldavite , Petalite , The Synergy 12 Stones , Carvings ,Vandanite , Barite , Dioptase , Quantam Quattro , Super Seven , Salt Lamps , Carnelian Prehnite, Coral , Tiger Eye , Amazonite , Onyx , Botswana Agate , Flourite Garnet ,Lapis , Aquamarine , Peridot , Turquoise , Blue Lace Agate , Citrine, Charoite, Seraphinite

Fire agate ,Pyrite , Stibnite , calcite , chalcopyrite ,smithsonite , Herkimer diamonds, Melody Books , Tourmilated Quartz , Aventurine , Rhyolite, Crysanthenum, selenite, singing bowls , sterling silver clasps and findings